Thursday, September 24, 2009

The dreaded sick day

Already, not even a month into school, I have a sick kid. This does not bode well for the year. How do families where both parents work full time cope with such regular to disruptions their schedules? I have some flexibility to my day as long as I meet deadlines, but for parents with big meetings or out-of-town trips....Well, I just don't see how it's possible.

Luckily, this is my older child who can already read. So, I'm able to place a stack of books by the bed and let her enjoy those between snoozes. I wonder how long this will be enough.

For now, I'm taking advantage of the quiet moments to complete some work and see to the myriad of household chores that seem to grow in scope each day. Especially with a sick child.

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  1. My son's first year in daycare I used up all of my sick leave by the middle of the year. And that was with splitting his illnesses between me and my husband. By Christmastime I didn't even have any days left. We were just pushing to make it to the next year so our leave would restart!

    It's misery. Between my meetings and magazine deadlines and my husband's court date deadlines, we sometimes were even splitting days--I'd go into the office in the morning and he'd take the afternoon. It's something I don't miss at all!