Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gut check

I'll admit it: I'm a political junkie. It's one of those special three things I do for myself every day: A cup of chai, a talking heads show on MSNBC, and a little time to read and write.

So the last few days have been almost like Christmas. A day after the President's healthcare address to a joint session of Congress, I'm still mulling over how I feel. My take: To the people who voted for him, the president said, "I'm still the same person and working on the same goals." To those who support other views, he says, "I'm a good listener and I'd like to hear your ideas."

And other than that, there's really no news to report. So maybe tonight instead of indulging in my nightly political wonking, I might just take the night off and paint my toe nails.

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