Thursday, September 17, 2009

Embrace the chaos

Life is busy. No, I mean B_U_S_Y. Two kids, two schools, jobs, and freelance work on top of that. It gets crazy around here. I feel like I spend a great portion of my time trying to streamline activities, make time for homework, that kind of thing. It helps, sort of. And I have about six really quick meals in my arsenal to speed up dinner prep.

The bottom line is these are busy years. While we do limit the number of activities for each child to two, that means we're going three or four days a week from the time we wake up until dinner. These years are also fleeting. In 10 more, my oldest will be sending out college applications. Day-to-day, when you're in the trenches, 10 seems like forever. Heck, getting through the week looks like it's impossible. Yet, in the scheme of our lives, it's but a blink, really. That's why I plan to embrace these years. As I watched my children sleep last night, it occurred to me that one can never, ever fully comprehend just how wonderous the precious moments are in a well-loved child's life.

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