Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are you too competitive?

One of the persistent ideas that has stuck with me from my Bible study days was the concept that some of our biggest flaws are really just gifts we’ve carried too far.

On of these gifts, I believe, is a competitive spirit. Many successful women are blessed with it, and it helps them achieve their biggest goals.

It can also make them miserable, lonely, and isolated. It’s simple. If we get too competitive, there’s no friend who wants to stick around. No colleague who wants to lend a helping hand. No relative who wants to hear about how they’re doing it wrong if only they’d follow your advice.

So I’ve always been competitive. And I have to reign myself in occasionally. But I think we can find a higher level of happiness if we direct some of our drive toward beating our own personal best. For me, this could be writing more than the day before. Learning a new jewelry making skill. Or exercising that one extra time a week when I really wanted to sit and read instead.

So if you have a competitive nature like me, I say embrace your driven spirit. But don’t let it hold you back.

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