Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The face of the flu

With so much flu-steria going around, I thought I'd mention we have it. Well, my kids have it. High fever, headache, chills, little appetite and a general miserable feeling. According to the doctor, this is a relatively light case.

This is our fifth day and it's not pleasant, but I have to admit I was fearful of much worse. As the pediatrician pointed out, this bug's highly contagious: many, many people have it. More people have this strain than get the regular flu. So, he said, it's not surprising the higher number of complications resulting from the illness. Yes, that makes me feel a bit better -- my kids are healthy, we take our daily vitamins and amped up on immune-boosting supplements, but I still worry. Who wouldn't? Children don't have full developed immune systems. But the old prescription of rest and fluids is still the best way to fight this virus.

Anyone up for a popscicle and a movie?

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