Monday, October 12, 2009

Babying the baby

When your kids start fighting, do you have a tendency to blame the oldest?

Yeah, it's my instinct too. But I grew up as the older child, and I'm well acquainted with the tricks and tools the youngest will use to work their wiles on parental units.

Even so, I sometimes catch myself babying my baby. It's not good for her. My son always rises to the occasion when I set appropriate expectations. But it's more of a struggle with her.

She's the baby, the girl, and the stubborn one. So she needs more structure—not less.

Have you noticed we have a forgotten generation of kids out there? Ones who never learned to make their own decisions or move out of mom and dad's basement?

I believe it starts here.

A little babying is OK once in a while--both kids enjoy an extra dose of mommying still. But, as is oft said, their smiles of achievement always come when we offer them roots and wings.

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