Thursday, October 1, 2009

Supporting deployed spouses

Portia's posts yesterday made me think about all the single military parents out there. I can't imagine the stress of spending each day - for at least a year - with a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan. These parents, who are at home to handle the day-to-day needs of their children, certainly deserve our respect. They also deserve our gratitude and help.

I looked up the numbers on how many American families have been split during the two wars, and I found the totals staggering.

Nearly 2 million Americans have been deployed since 9/11. Of those, over 875,000 are parents. But here's the kicker: 245,000 of those parents have been deployed twice; 91,000 have been sent overseas three times while nearly 50,000 have been away from their families four times.

Next time I want to whine about a late night dealing with my two kids, I'm going to think about all those military families struggling to maintain some sense of normalcy in a difficult world. You humble me.

And I thank you - deeply - for your willingness to support our country.

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