Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Screening screen time

When I had my older daughter nearly seven years ago, I simply knew we'd spend hours together reading, doing puzzles and other educational activities and visiting friends. TV - and videos - were not something to worry about.

Then I had the second. This child is a couch potato. She is happiest when the TV is on. A distant second is climbing in a tree. Or making mud pies (an absolute favorite activity of mine at her age).

My concern now is how to limit the time she watches TV. I work more than I ever did when her sister was this age. She is in preschool - all 12 hours - for enrichment and socialization. But it's the time when I'm on deadline that truly worries me. How did this happen? My goal is to come up with strategies that are as fun as TV (my daughter's laughing at me as I write this, I'm sure).

Here are a few of our best activities:
1.Beading - while I hate the tiny plastic colors that end up whirring through my vacuum, this is a great fine motor skill and we have lovely bracelets and necklaces
2. Baking - bread, pies, cakes. I love that my girls are learning math AND learning to feed themselves.
3. Painting - I admit it. I hate paints of any kind. Oh, the mess! But my kids love them. And I do end up with some smashing masterpieces.
4. Gak and slime - it's gooey and gross. What more do I really need to say?

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