Friday, October 16, 2009

When the limelight fades

Did Falcon Heene really pretend to be in a balloon for publicity? I am really hoping it isn't so. And if the family did make a point of wasting resources and causing the public to fear for a small child, well....I can't say what I really think about that here. What I will say is have care with your wishes.

I'm pretty sure Jon and Kate didn't intend for their marriage to implode so publicly. I'm pretty sure they didn't expect the smear campaign in the many tabloids that continue to drive their notoriety.

Fame has an underbelly people rarely consider. But they should. We as a country seem to love to build people up and then tear them - piece by piece - off the pedestal we made. The path to legend status is strewn with multitudes looking for their 15 minutes. I wonder, if you asked now, how many would say the limelight was worth it.


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  2. What bothers me most is that I worried about this kid. I worried about the family. If it turned out to be a hoax, I'd feel used. Because sometimes we can't help but care as a community.