Friday, July 3, 2009

Hot weather, cool tempers

When my husband was growing up, he had a couple of longtime neighbors that always planned a huge 4th of July extravaganza in their backyard. Think grilling, horse shoes, all the American family pastimes.

Along with all the food and fun, this family—we'll call them the Flops--fought. A little too much beer, a little too much sun, and the afternoons always entailed a boxing match. It was a joke around my husband's house: "The Flops are at it again."

Every year, the Flops set out with the expectation of a fun-filled family event. And every year it ended with a rumble through the azaleas.

Our own holidays tend to be a little, ahem ... quieter. But I do wonder if the hot temperatures can have an inflaming effect on tempers that are naturally inclined to run a little hot.

As I enjoy a cool drink on the patio this weekend, I'll think of the Flops ... and hope they're celebrating this hot weather with cooler tempers.

Happy 4th!

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