Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lap rules

I love when my husband accompanies me to the pool. I get to swim laps while he watches both kids for about 15 minutes. But today I got scolded out of the lap lane.

I was a swim instructor and coach for years - paid my way through high school and college. My point is I thought I knew something about swim etiquette. You swim in a circular pattern, starting on your right. At least that's what I thought. I was told today that there could only be two simmers at a time (read: older women who don't like to swim with splashing children) because they each had half the lane. When I suggested we could all use the space if we swam in the circular pattern, I got blank stares. Then I was told no, they couldn't possibly do that.

I wonder sometimes if this is how my kids feel. Adults barely listening because they've already made a decision. My job is to listen and process what they tell me before I blindly decree.

And if you're wondering, my pool does have a circular lap rule.

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