Monday, July 6, 2009

My Space

When we first bought our house, it seemed like an incredible amount of space for us and our two kitties. Enter dog. And kids. No surprise I've been feeling a little cramped lately.

If there's one thing I miss, it's my office. I foolishly thought because I so must of my work on the laptop I just didn't need office space. I didn't account for the tools of my trade: books, folders, photography equipment, digital recorders, notebooks, pens ... the list goes on and on. So I do most of my work at the dining room table with my stack of goods next to me.

But a little personal space is pretty critical. I never felt the need more than this last year, after the birth of my daughter. Not only did we lose a bedroom to our new addition, she took over ours. With a co-sleeper attached to the bed, she was firmly entrenched as a partial owner of my space.

The good news: She sleeps through the night now. In her own bed. And taking the co-sleeper down prompted another action: a spiff up of the bedroom, complete with paint, new bedding, drapes ... the works. No more an alternative feeding space. Goodbye burp cloths, binkies, and the like. This is serious adult space.

I love my kids ... and I love having my space, too.

Today, I promise to:

1. Spend at least 30 minutes relaxing in my space
2. Find a quiet time to write
3. Read

What will you do for yourself today?

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