Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It wasn't me

I have two kids. I expect them to take responsibility for their actions. This is central to my ideals both as a parent and as a responsible adult: Everyone makes mistakes but those who are willing to own up - and claim the mishap as their own - win my loyalty. It's not easy to admit failure. My Type A personality doesn't like being wrong. Ever. But I am, and I have to admit it - to myself and to whomever else is involved - if I'm going to make things right. Or at least better.

Apology Nation made me think about how few of our public figures are willing to take responsibility when they make a mistake. Can you name three? OK, how about just one person willing to say it's my fault?

No. What you hear instead is bickering, fighting not for a stand but for who to blame when something isn't going well. Take the health care "debate." There isn't any debating going on, but there sure is a lot of finger pointing.

I have one very important question: How am I supposed to teach my kids to take ownership of a situation if all they see adults doing is passing the blame?

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