Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not your grandfather's water

Water is water - or is it? The Environmental Working Group gave most bottle water company's failing grades because the companies were not forthcoming with where the water came from and how it was filtered. Fertilizer and medication were found in some of the bottles. I don't know about you, but I expect my water to be contaminate-free.

Like most people I know, I no longer drink soda. Except when we travel and end up at a McDonald's. Hey, they have a play structure where my kids can burn off some energy. And I like root beer. But I digress....water is my drink of choice, at least until the kids are in bed and I can pour the glass of red wine I've been wishing for since 4 o'clock when the first major pre-dinner meltdown started. So I drink a lot of it, every single day. And I want it to be just water. Without anything else in it.

Good magazine's most recent issue focused on how we - that's right, you and me - are screwing up our kids' chances of drinking clean water. For years, I assumed water would always just be there. And it will, just not in a drinkable state. (If you don't get it, Good is pretty, well, good.)

So here's my challenge. Can you make three changes tomorrow that will help improve our chances for clean, potable water? I'll promise if you do.

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