Friday, July 17, 2009

Slow cooking

Ever had a day where everyone needs you NOW? Yeah, I know, I look forward to those days, too.

The only way I can slog through the seemingly endless demands is with the help of a list. And a crock pot. I'm serious. My crock pot is my favorite kitchen tool. By far. Sorry, mandolin and fancy blender, you don't make meals while I'm running around trying to fix everyone else's problems.

The crock pot is the one item I can count on to give me what I need: A healthy meal when my family is ready to eat. If my to-do list has more than three items on it at the start of the day, I get out the crock pot. Why three? Because no day ever stays that sane. And we don't even have a pet. At the moment. I've been told Santa plans to correct this. He should have conference called me.

Today, as I deal with juggling another writing assignment, childcare and professional development, the one thing I'm not worrying about is what's for dinner. The crock pot has it covered.

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