Monday, August 10, 2009

Dog hunt

The inevitable question, "Mom, can we have a dog?" has at last been uttered - with increasing frequency.

We had a dog. But his glaucoma and stiffness from arthritis meant he wasn't the companion for kids he used to be. Walking into a tossed aside toy led to yelps of alarm and pain. So, Jay Jay, my lovely American Eskimo who'd guarded my house while in college and laid next to me as I nursed both my children, went to grandma's house. Luckily, grandma had another dog to be his friend. And no toys to trip over.

So now in a new neighborhood known for coyotes, pack rats and hawks, we're looking for a furry family friend. I'm thinking big this time: Bernese Mountain dog or perhaps a Great Pyrenese.

But I'm the one who will have to walk the dog, clean up after the dog and buy the mountain of food such dogs require. Makes me think a toy poodle is sounding better and better. Problem is, I think a dog should be big enough for kids to flop on. That's what I loved best about our dogs growing up: wrestling on the floor.

As I watch the rescue sites and the SPCA for a good candidate, I am conflicted. What dog will be best for our family?

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  1. Our canine companion, Sebastian, is part American Eskimo, part Samoyed. It's a good mix, and we got him through a breed rescue group called Heart Bandits. He's a very kid-friendly chap, and he takes a lot of hair pulling from the baby.