Friday, August 28, 2009

Married with kids...and a dog

We made the leap. Last weekend, we picked up the newest member of our family. Mo is a huge puppy - at one year, he weighs about 100 pounds. He's kind and gentle. After I take him for long walks he's very well-mannered.

Last night he barked. Then he barked again and again. No, neither Chris nor I would say we had a good sleeping night. I haven't slept great since I was pregnant the first time. This, more than anything else, was the deciding factor for me to stop with two kids (my husband was perfectly content with one child, not that he doesn't dearly love his baby). Both my husband and I both have been staying up late so this barking episode could not have happened at a worse time. Why do children and pets seem to know this?

As I bumble, bleary-eyed, through my day, I keep telling myself he's a great dog. And he is. When he's not barking all night.

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