Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The other cycle

Girls = drama. At least this holds true at my house. As we prepare for another school year, my eldest child is beginning to dread that first day. Will there be a bully? Will any of her friends from last year be in her same class? Will the bigger - and better - playground really be more fun?

Simple worries to be sure. But they dominate her thoughts. And she's begun to act out. As she gets more wound up, I get more tense. This is not a good cycle. In fact, the slope goes from slippery to a plunging drop-off almost immediately. And with no childcare and lots of errands to run, this week looks bleak.

Last night, I sat down to sketch out a strategy. First, we're going to visit the school - and new class room - tomorrow. If possible, we'll get a list of classmates. We're reconnecting with school friends and spending quiet time reading together.

Like any cycle, this too shall pass.

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