Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The busy woman's mocha latte

I've already mentioned my insatiable love of coffee drinks. To say I'm a coffee purist would be a lie. I used to be until my love of coffee was soiled by the extras the coffee shops push on you—chocolate, milk, whipped cream ... syrup.

So now that I've ruined my taste for the bean as it was meant to be consumed, it's harder to satisfy my craving. I'm a little embarrassed by the number of times I do manage to make it to the coffee shop each week. But here's a quick cheat for the morning where that doesn't happen.

I take a bottle of Starbucks frapuccino (mocha flavored)—the kind that's meant to be consumed cold—and nuke the heck out of it. (I'm not so far down the road that I can enjoy cold coffee, whether or not you dress it up with fancy labels, like "iced.") Then I add whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

It ain't fancy, but it works.

And, voila! First thing for me I've done today.

How are you doing on your list?

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