Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crabby thoughts

One of my not-so-secret favorite things is the crab fisherman show, Deadliest Catch. Those guys have guts. And they have something else I envy: They're very structured.

On a recent episode, one of the boats was offloading crabs at the cannery. Usually at least one of the fisherman watches as they unload the crab to make sure they're not cheated. But one boat forgot to delegate the task. The result: The cannery swindled them out of $6,000 worth of crab. You can bet that captain was mad.

It's a path that leads to frustration. We don't assign tasks—around the house or the office—and we're upset when they don't happen. Guess what? If you don't ask others to help you, you're gonna end up doing it all yourself. And resenting it.

So starting today, I'm gonna be more structured. For me, that means assigning chores to everyone in the house. Even the hubby. It sounds goofy, but I can get past the silliness of it if it helps teach my three-year-old son the importance of picking up after himself.

My three gifts to myself today:
1. A babysitter for some ME time
2. A coffee drink
3. A little grace with the household chores

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