Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pantie problems

Is your life like your underwear drawer?

My bra and pantie cubby is overflowing. Some of it doesn't fit anymore. There are a few items that have been hanging around since 1997. And I can't seem to let any of it go.

The problem is, I expect a lot from two little articles of clothing. And I hold onto my favorites way too long. Sometimes I need my underwear to be comfortable. Sometimes I want it to match. And sometimes I just want it to be invisible. (Have you ever noticed how the really cute bras and panties aren't comfortable?) So some are for wearing, some are for sharing, and there are pairs I'll only wear as long as no one ever sees me in them.

Here's my problem. I haven't taken the time to get organized. And I suspect if I spent a little time I could find more sets that meet both needs—cute and comfortable. Until I get organized I'm always going to be pulling out mismatched sets that disappoint.

Do you have similar underwear woes or other other areas of disorganization in your life? I'd love to hear your stories.

My three things I'm going to do for myself today:

1. Give myself at least 15 minutes to read.

2. Give myself at least 45 minutes to write.

3. Give myself a facial.

What are you doing for yourself today?

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