Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kiss and makeup

Our house is a little busy right now. My infant is mobile and my 3 year old never slows down. so it can be difficult to find time for a potty break, let alone a moment for things like doing my hair and makeup.

My solution? It's silly, but I do most of my grooming sitting in the living room floor. My daughter loves to play with my soft makeup brushes, and my son is intrigued by the sponge I use to remove my makeup. (He calls it SpongeBob.)

It's these little things that make our day run more smoothly. I'm no parenting expert, but there's one thing I find that consistently works. It's the get closer principle. My kids don't always need my full attention, although I try to give it often. But sometimes it's enough just to be right there. Sitting next to the baby when she plays with toys. Editing at the table while my son creates with Play Doh. Reading next to the tub as they splash each other in the bath.

Sometimes it's enough to just be present and available. I miss fewer special moments this way, but it also gives me a chance to do things for myself. And I can always jump in their games when their cuteness sucks me in.

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