Monday, June 15, 2009

Cuppa luv

A little secret about coffee lovers: It's not about the caffeine. Bean addicts, like addicts of all varieties, are as much into the ritual of drinking coffee as the consumption.

It's a social activity for some—hence coffee shops. It's a morning ritual, intrinsically linked with morning just like a hot shower or other grooming activities. It's also an experience that engages the senses. The hot coffee mug, the grinding of the beans, the smell of the brew, and that first bitter sip. A true coffee fiend craves the experience for comfort in times of stress and as a relaxation technique.

Whether you're a bean junkie or not, you probably have some special beverage—or ritual—that you use to unwind. Perhaps it's a cold beer after mowing the lawn or a glass of wine as you fix dinner. Maybe you enjoy a cup of tea after lunch.

Whatever your beverage of choice, toast yourself tonight for all that you do.

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