Friday, June 26, 2009

Spa at home

One of my favorite stress relievers as a young professional was a facial. Or a pedicure. There's just something about looking good. Then I had kids.

When I decided to stay at home, I knew my half days at the spa were at end. The lack of time was only superceded by lack of funds. Infants do not make pampering easy.

Then I realized most of what I enjoyed about the spa was available right at home. Homemade facials can be simple, and it's sheer luxury to soak my feet and sip on a glass of wine - even while folding laundry. As with most everything else in my life, I simply needed to restructure my time. And little to multi-task better.

After a busy day at the office or running after kids, few of us are looking for another chore. But pampering can be simple. Here are a few quick, easy options:

1. After washing your face, rub the inside of an organic grape over your face and neck. Rinse after 15 minutes. The sugar is the grape has natural alpha hydroxy acid, which helps to improve cell turnover for fresher, younger-looking skin.
2. Fill a large pot or foot bath with warm water and epsom salts. Slip your feet in and let the stress melt away.
3. Make yourself a sugar body scrub: Place a cup of plain, white sugar in an air-tight container. Add enough jojoba, grape seed or even olive oil to saturate the sugar. I like to add two or three drops of lavender essential oil for a soothing effect. Then, hop in the shower to moisten your skin. Gently scrub the sugar mixture over your body, paying special attention to heels and elbows. Rinse off - carefully as the tub can get slippery - and pat your glowing, soft skin dry.

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