Sunday, June 14, 2009

Traveling with Kids

The family vacation. Better yet, a family road trip. It's iconic. You have to do at least one as a parent, and this year my husband and I are traveling about 2,000 miles with our young children.

No, we didn't intend to torture ourselves. Our plan was to show our kids some of the real Americana that we don't see day-to-day from our suburban home in New Mexico. And we have. Tucumcari, NM has an incredible gas station store full of any type of airbrushed T-shirt (in XXL sizes) you can imagine. The town no longer gets USA Today - we're not sure if the two correlate but it was an interesting observation. We've hit Glen Rose, TX's Dinosaur World, which was a big hit with our first-grader-to-be. And we've stopped for lunch in towns like Amarillo and Centerville.

So, here are my three things to do today:

1. Pick an activity we'll all enjoy
2. Remember my kids are this little only once!
3. Photo document today's activities

What will you do today?

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