Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rescue me

Sometimes we all need a little help. Recently, we've been working on sleep training our infant. The combination of a few rocky nights, an active 3 year old, and a hearty round of freelance assignments have been enough to slay me.

I sent out a distress call. My husband answered. After a couple hours of rest, the world was a different place. Thanks, honey.

I'm slow to ask for help. My friends and family have often describe me as independent and driven. These aren't bad things, but they must be tempered with the ability to accept help when we need it.

I remember once reading that many of our flaws are good attributes taken too far. I believe this. That's why today I'm going to give myself these gifts:

1. Ask for help
2. Ignore my to-do list
3. Slow down

What will you do for yourself today?

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