Monday, June 29, 2009

Seize the moment

I'm almost embarrassed by the number of pens I found in my couch yesterday. It's just one more sign of my addiction to the written word. I feel naked without a pen on me, and the office supply store is a virtual nirvana of products that tickle my fancy.

I often carry a pen and notebook with me to capture stray thoughts, record shopping lists, and preserve the ideas that won't survive in my overfull brain until I get home. I've even been known to use the backs of old grocery store receipts and other odds and ends. Because when you've got to write something down, the urgency is akin to drinking a gallon of Kool-aid with no bathroom in sight. It's that bad.

The pens in my couch are also a symbol of something else. With so few minutes in the day, I find I have to keep my pens handy so I can catch a five-minute writing opportunity or 15 minutes of editing a freelance assignment while the kids contentedly play with toys on the family room floor.

I used to be preoccupied with the idea of getting these large blocks of time to work. To me, that seemed the only way to really accomplish anything meaningful. Until I realized I'd be an empty nester before those moments ever miraculously materialize. Sure, it's important to make time. The hubby gets that I need planned time to work--usually in blocks of time of at least two hours--and God Bless the babysitter. BUT those five and 10 minute blocks during the day can also add up, and I feel a lot more productive when I'm using them.

It was the same principle I practiced when I was working in the office full time. I'd steal that 15 minutes before the office opened or the 45 minutes over lunch to write, edit, and generally get creative.

So today, I'm going to seize my opportunities. I'm going to:

1. Keep my pen and notebook handy
2. Plan some solo time for freelance work
3. Keep the chocolate handy for inspiration (I personally love Lindt truffles, Dove chocolates, and the Hershey's Symphony bars with toffee and almonds)

What will you do for yourself today?

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