Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girly girl

I didn't need a Facebook quiz to confirm it. I've always known that I'm a girly girl. I love dresses. I've always worn my hair long. And I cringe at the thought of leaving the house without any makeup on.

As a girly girl, one of my favorite things in the world is to get flowers. And, predictably, my favorite flowers are roses. Red ones. I don't mind the cliche. The flowers speak to me.

I was lucky enough to inherit a yard with plenty of established rose bushes in all colors. And I've added more. The result: Somewhere in the yard there are usually a few blooms somewhere. Some are the kind you might find in a vase at the supermarket. Others have a cottage in the woods feel. And a few have the most amazing scent.

It's a simple thing to pick a few flowers from the yard and re-create the feeling of having flowers delivered. And it's hard not to smile just looking at these sunny blossoms in my dining room.

My three gifts to myself today:
1. Play in my garden
2. Watch a show I want to watch (read: not cartoons)
3. Make time to write

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